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Friday, April 26, 2013

Is it Tues yet?!

(This picture cracks me up for a few reasons, including: Laila has a fake smile on her precious little face and also because she had her My Little Ponies totally PHOTO BOMB the picture without me knowing! Love it and her!!)

Today was my last day of Pulm Rehab...and I am gonna kind of miss it. Now let me explain: I will NOT miss getting up and out of the house to work so hard in the morning and I will be glad to get most of my mornings back; but I will miss the fact that I am making my body stronger which means healthier in the long run. But now that the weather is turning nicer, I will be able to walk and bike outside. Plus I may join the gym there so that I can be monitored.

I have been in the mood to clean my house and get rid of all the clutter in my life. So I am very much looking forward to Tues so I can have my arm back, put my oxygen on, and work my little CF butt off. Yes, Tuesday can not come soon enough. It is the day that I have my ENT appointment and I am hoping that he can just look and see what needs to be done, without too many tests. Just say if I need to be cleaned out and schedule it so my name can be on the transplant list sooner. 

Now its such an odd thing because I only know how to breathe with these lungs, my lungs. I am not sure how to breathe with somebodys lungs...but anxious to learn how. To take in a deep that just keeps going and going. WOW its just crazy to think this way!! Anxious! I love my lungs...they have worked so hard and have had the crud beat out of them, yet they just keep fighting so I can breathe. Thanks for all the hard work they have done, now its time for them to retire, they have done their job. 

I have crossed off a few more things on my 100 list, but I do need to blog about them. Its been so long since I have blogged out it and people have helped in many ways...I just need to be in HIGH spirits to give it the best attention. And now that the eval is over, and the PICC is almost over, ITS TIME! Sorry to those who have helped me...I do appreciate it and thank you so much! 

Today is suppose to be a nice day here in Hartford (its about time!!) so I am keeping this short and go out and live a life without being sick today!

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