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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Day 3 was such a breeze in comparison to the first 2 and what I can assume tomorrow will be like. I wasn't so grumpy and I actually had a few smiles!

Todays Itinerary:

10:30 Financial Consult
11:00 Nutrition Consult
11:45 Labs
12:00 Lunch Break
12:45 Manometry & PH Impedance
1:00 Health Psych Consult

The financial consult was only about 10 minutes. The woman who helped us was so on top of things and already had called insurance and had paperwork for us and just knew what she was doing and told us once I am on the list that she will proceed with the next step and we didn't have to worry about it.

The nutrition consult was pretty much the same way but instead of talking insurance she talked about weight and vitamins. I weighed in at 97.3 lbs and am teetering on the border between the 17 and 18% BMI that I need to be at. Luckily she said that since I had a GTube and that I was going to start using it, and since I am so close to the correct would be easier for them to be able to recommend me and get approved. Nice to hear. She also gave me all the rules about what not to eat post transplant. No buffets. No summer picnics or things where food as been sitting out. East leftovers the next day. But I, being me, asked about eating at Mongo and she said with a few rules that I would be able to have the occasional lunch there. WOO HOO! I was excited that I would be able to eat there once in awhile. With so much changing in my life it was nice to be able to have something like that as a treat. Now to just gain some weight!!

11:45 brought on more labs. 10 more vials of blood drawn and a cup for a sputum culture to do in the morning before I go in. One of the pretty and girlie parts of CF...spitting up nasty stuff to save (yeah that grossed me out just typing it!)

I was so excited when it was 12 because yesterday I was given the OK to pull the tube out of my nose and throat by myself. So Jeremy set an alarm and as soon as it was 12 we found a private bathroom and I quickly pulled that sucker out. RELIEF!  My throat was so sore that it was starting to bother me to talk...I think Jeremy was ok with that (KIDDING JER JON) So I didn't need to go to my 12:25 and could have a little longer for lunch. I honestly think that was the best milk and frosted flakes I had ever tasted (Yes I do eat more for lunch but Jeremy took me for a late breakfast and I hate pancakes and coffee then!)

The health pysch was nothing to worry about. I am PRETTY sure I passed with flying colors. They asked the kind of questions like: how often do you drink? Are you anxious about this? How do you feel about having somebody elses organ in your body? But then just had a few tests as well...and I did them all correctly. Jeremy also had to go talk to her and he passed too...guess he isn't crazy :)

My godparents came over from the town near by and took us out to dinner. I scarfed it down and it tasted very good. And through Aunt Pam I got a much needed Mom hug...looking forward to getting a mom and dad hug tomorrow. Every girl still needs there parents.

Day 3 over and only one more to go. Another battle almost over to win the war!

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