My Moments to Breathe

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A little ballerina

Could my little ballerina get much cuter? This makes my heart happy...she loved her first class. Watching her giggle, dance, have fun and be a good listener all at the same time just makes me take a deep breath and think...Ok I must be doing something right. Then to watch her come home and show Jeremy and I what she learned was a nice feeling too. Growing up gal!

Today was one of those days that CF has to be in my thoughts and I can't escape it. Jeremy stayed home almost all day sick as a dog. Poor daddy! So this means I need to watch what I touch and make sure to wash my hands and not touch my eyes, nose, or mouth as much. Yes, the good thing is that I have a PICC line so I am getting very good drugs to knock away whatever he has...or just keep it to a minimal. (Look at that...a positive for having an IV right now!)

But this doesn't mean that Laila can't get the nasty bug and I will have to be even more involved with it. So hand sanitizer is a good thing to keep around the house so I can give her some once in awhile. The other good thing is that the weather is still very nice so I could just take Laila out. Park here we come! She was so excited to spend the day there, but was hard for me because I couldn't help her since I can't lift her.

Jeremy seems to be doing alright. Lots of over the counter medicine, kleenex and water! Hoping that when he wakes up after a good nights sleep...with help from meds...he will feel a ton better! Maybe even want dinner! Dr. Laila has been making sure he stays warm and that he gets lots of love. Poor girl is taking care of both of us now! 

I just dislike that it seems like no matter what I am going to get sick. Laila is going to bring bugs in from school. I am going to touch a shopping cart and get a cold. Jeremy visits somebody in the hospital and brings crud back. I hear somebody cough or sniffle and I am on alert. I can't get sick...I just can't. And I know I have done this too, but people are just inconsiderate about sickness. If you are still at the stage where you are contagious PLEASE STAY HOME as much as you can. What may be a small cold for you may be a life threatening cold for somebody else. It's just such a hard thing because everyone wants a normal life and to be able to go and do the things they want to do, and people who are sick just have to be on full alert and shelved with sanitizer no matter where they go. (Sorry for the rant, its been a peeve of mine since I was a kid...)  

I am driving into Madison AGAIN tomorrow to get my dressing on my PICC line changed...I feel I need to find a better option so I don't have to waste time and gas on this 10 minute crud. But I suppose it is better than getting an infection in my blood stream (EEPS!!) CF can suck the money, life and normalcy outta life. BLAH. 

Well, seeing as I should gain some more weight I better go eat some food. Drs orders...right?!


  1. Right! Tell Jer to get better soon, but no kissy-kissy, kids!

  2. Yeah, it was so hard when I was teaching and kids would come to school with all sorts of things. I know it is hard to get off of work for a day to take care of the kid, but it is even harder when the teacher gets sick and it gets passed along the entire class...or school...