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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Laila's Life

Laila and I were feeling very silly yesterday. I think it was mostly because we missed eachother so much. These photos are from our 30 we took of making funny faces (haha Lailas face on the last one CRACKS ME UP!) I did throw in a nice one of us before church just because I wanted to show everyone that we can clean up well.

I had a good time with Laila yesterday after her 3 1/2 hour nap...guess I am not the only one who gets exhausted while I am in the hospital! And as a side note this meant I got to watch Michigan ummm win too (Blue you better step it up!) It makes me very sad that because her mom is sick that her life gets a tad crazy too. I wish I knew how much this impacts her for the future. Is it gonna make her stronger? Will she be nervous when I go into the hospital more? Will she just think this is normal?

I believe that my CF made me have to grow up (in a sense) faster than a normal child. Even though I wasn't the sickest child nor the worst case of CF, I did have to go through things that I wouldn't want a child of mine to go through. But as a child I never looked at this as a burden, but more as just something I had to do. I never thought it odd that I did and my friends or family didn't. I just thought it was my life. 

I am hoping that Laila doesn't have to grow up to fast even though her mom might not always be there. Maybe her life is just different, still normal...well as normal as it can be. I am very lucky I have Jeremy who makes sure she can come see me (and that I can see her!) and I am very lucky Laila has so many people in her life that want whats best for her too. When I go into the hospital I feel great that people are willing to add her to their routines so she is taken care of! Thanks everyone for doing that!

I wondered how much little Lady understood so thought I would ask her a few questions. Some of her answers made me smile:

Why does Mommy have medicine: because you are sick
What does Mommy have: a boo boo
Why does Mommy cough: cause you have Cystic Fibrosis (now she does say this pretty well but really I couldn't tell you how she says it. But then she tells me to cough so she can pat my back.)
What do the nurses do for me in the hospital: They listen to your heart
What else do they do: they get your doctor tools
What is your favorite part of the hospital: Getting food and just playing with 'pluter (which is a computer in Laila language)
What does Mommy do because of her CF: (She fake coughs)

I think my girl will make a good nurse or doctor one day. Her bedside manner is already tip top...she tells me that my arm is so beautiful! She loves to help me with anything she can in regards to my medicine. She helps me secure my PICC extensions on my arm, she cleans my medicine before I hook up, she pushes the flush into the PICC, she pats my back when I cough. Yeap, I see a PhD or RN in her future. Dr. Laila...paging Dr. Laila!

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