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Saturday, September 8, 2012

PICC Line...SchMICC Line!

Home after a short little visit to D6! Why is it that after a hospital stay, no matter how short or long, I am always more tired when I get home? This time the nurses were so wonderful about letting me sleep all night and not waking me up for vitals. Yet, YAWN, I am still exhausted! So I am gonna write this through a very foggy mind!

I said goodbye to Laila at school (thru more tears) and got ready to go to Madison. One more good shower and hair do before I don't have full use of my arm. We were off...and had to be there by 12. It was pretty darn quick in the pulm clinic...which now I am not really sure why I had to go thru all that stuff because we all knew I was going in. But alas! I blew my PFTs, which are now UP to 29% (this is up 3% so I was kind of excited because that just means after this it could go up even more. WOO!

Going in I knew that I was going to have to jump on the scale, and I totally got the nervous but excited feeling. Please, I just don't want to have lost weight...and maybe even gain a pound. So I jump...ok so i stepped...onto the scale and prayed. It was calculating and my eyes didn't leave the scale! DRUM ROLL PLEASE....102.6!! Boom...I gained 4 lbs (and to note I only had 2 tacos and a pop from Taco Bell in my belly!) That means I gained enough weight to have my BMI (body mass index) over 18%...which means NEXT STEP TOWARDS TRANSPLANT (another blog about this one later!)

Now to go to admissions and get into D6 and my room. Sign up at 1...don't get into your room until 3:30. Like that helps anyones anxiety (you may ask what I did during that time..I shopped at the mall then got back and waited...and cried. Then got into the room and had to wait 2 more hours to get my PICC (and in the mean time Jeremy went home to the little princess) and start my meds. Why did I have to go in so early when you knew I wasn't going to get a room because it was crowded?! I could have picked Laila up from school, like a good mom!

So as many of you had seen on FB I brag about good nurses quite often. MOST of my pulm nurses on D6 are amazing and go up and above to make sure that I am set and ready and that everything I could need or want is met. Not because I am a pain and demand it, but because thats who they are. But why is it that for every 10 good nurses there is 1 cruddy one? Like why when I was already upset when I get into my room the nurse, who since I can't say the name I gave her out loud, we shall call MUFFIN...was a not nice person. One line she used in my ear range: So another nurse comes in to get my vitals to start things off and she didn't have a mask or her gown or gloves on (CF patients need their nurses and dr to wear such things so we don't catch outside cooties.) So she said "Oops I hadn't realized I needed to put them on." Ok, no big deal to me. But then Muffin says to this nurse, "It's Ok, its not like you are gonna die or anything." And in response I say to Muffin, "You are right, I just could..." and the stare off started. Girlie, please, I will win this one! So thanks again to all my nurse friends who are wonderful and care so much for their patients!

Not too much happened when I was in the hospital...since I wasn't in there long. I got a few tests done. I talked to Brooke my NP (so my favorite NP switched to a place closer to home and I was very very upset...brought me to tears because her and I had a good relationship and she was one person who knew how to talk and handle me!) about the next step into transplant land. Got a visit from Laila, Jeremy and Aunt Gwynn....which left with Laila SCREAMING my name down the hall as she left. Oh my poor baby (she has been very clingy yesterday and today!) 

I still have my picc line and am doing medication here at home (hooked up while I started to write this!) and have a doctors appointment next week. Thanks to Aunt Gwynn for coming and helping with Laila, feeding my family, and cleaning part of my house. I hope you all have a person like Aunt Gwynn too...everyone needs one! Now I can start to get back to a "normal" routine of more meds and keeping my sanity for the next 2 weeks. So here is to getting healthier and packing on even more pounds!!

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  1. I love reading your blogs, Cass! You know, I have met Muffin. Next time Muffin comes near you, don't be afraid to speak up..."Oh Nurse Muffin, I am not comfortable with the way you are handling my needs. Would you please go and get someone else to do this, or would it work better if I use the call button?"

    Gets her/him out of your room and the message sent. I say /him, because this last hospital visit of mine I had Mr. Nurse Muffin. I politely asked him to get somebody else to put in my IV, which after 3 very painful attempts (for which he blamed ME) was going to clumsily jab me again! He said "fine!" and gathered up his junk and tray and left, In came a sweetie who on the first try put in the line with not even a pinch of pain. Anyway, asking for a non-Muffin is allowed and in YOUR best interest. Adding the call light part is a threat cause they do NOT want everyone at the front desk hear what we have to say, Comes in handy if they don't get the hint!

    Rest up, big Congratulations on the weight gain, and know I am always remembering you in my prayers. Love you bunches, Aunt Diane