My Moments to Breathe

Monday, August 6, 2012

100 Things To Do Before I Go To Heaven

1. Ride a motorcycle 
2. Get 3 tattoos (Got 2!)
3. Read "Gone with the Wind" (in progress!)
4. Take Laila to Disney
5. See an eagle in the wild
6. See NYC
7. See Medford, OR
8. Be a model for a photo shoot
9. See Pearl Harbor
10. Stand in all corners of the "4 Corners"
11. Write a journal for Laila (In progress!)
12. Take a family vacation (One with Zells, One with Husbys)
13. Be 115 lbs (Always in progress...haha!)
14. Put my feet in all 5 Great Lakes (In progress!)
15. Have Clear Skin (In progress!)
16. Buy an outfit from JCrew (and rock it!)
17. Blow out all 30 candles
18. Tell my CF story around the USA
19. Own a nice camera
20. Have white teeth (In progress!)
21. Write a blog (In progress!)
22. Find eyeshadow that makes my eyes pop
23. Create my family tree (In progress!)
24. Get pictures of my transplant scars
25. Lean to sew and then make something I'd actually be proud to wear
26. Be a MAJOR role in a huge CF event
27. Get jeans tailored to fit me (In Progress!)
28. Sing the National Anthem with Tay and Angie at a good size event
29. Learn to cook the perfect chicken fried steak for Jeremy
30. Show Laila to never give up...ever (Always in progress!)
31. Own my own girlie laptop
32. Get rid of my stretch marks, or at least make them so you can't notice them as much
33. Go to Ireland
34. Play guitar
35. See Mt. Rushmore
36. Get organized
37. Cook a meal for some firefighters (In a lil bit of progress!)
38. Be a CF advocate for new moms with children with CF
39. Find an awesome old piece of furniture and restore it
40. Buy Fabric at Mood
41. Meet Tim Gunn
42. ...have him pick out an outfit for me so I can "make it work"
43. Go to a salon and have them pick out the perfect hair color for me
44. Swim in the Atlantic
45. Swim in the Pacific 
46. Get a GOOD hair straightener
47. Have a clean house
48. See the Hollywood sign
49. Attend an Olympic event
50. Get a lung transplant
51. Watch Laila graduate
52. Take some more college courses
53. Cook and eat a dish that each of the 50 states is known for (In Progress!)
54. Play piano
55. Spin my own pottery
56. Take a cooking class
57. Learn to paint
58. Have a C.R.A.P party at Mom and Dad's
59. Own a pair of fab heels and make it look like I can walk in them
60. Win a contest
61. Write a childrens book about Laila for Laila (In progress!)
62. Have long nails
63. Pay off bills
64. Record Laila and the family more
65. Make sure my family and close friends know its ok to be ok after I go to heaven (In progress!)
66. Make bread...good bread...from scratch
67. Learn to accept help (In progress!)
68. Have breakfast in bed
69. Get a piece of jewelry from Tiffanys and start a family heirloom
70. Make someone else's dream come true
71. Face my fear of thunderstorms
72. Make a beautiful cake and decorate it
73. Have a full day at the spa with no phone
74. Stand in middle of a redwood in Redwood National Park
75. See the Statue of Liberty
76. Take a photography class
77. Ride in a helicopter
78. Find the one thing I am good at
79. Learn to dance
80. Roast a Turkey like my Grandpa and Dad
81. See a meteor shower
82. Go to an Art Museum and have a tour
83. Give a "Thank You " dinner to those who helped me
84. Watch Laila do the things she loves (sports, piano, ballet...whatever her little heart picks!)
85. Own a pet named Mavis
86. Write a letter to 5 people who don't know how they have affected my life and let them know
87. Walk Laila to her 1st day of school
88. Get out of the hospital after the transplant
89. Go to D.C.
90. Get my G-Tube out
91. Make my own pasta with my Mom
92. Be confident and social in a large group setting
93. See the Niagara Falls
94. Run and play with Laila and NOT run out of breath
95. Make sure Laila knows how much I love her and never doubt it (Always in progress!)
96. Help write my funeral service
97. Write down things I want people to have or know after I go to Heaven
98. Eat my "Top 10" meals in 2 weeks
99. Play a round of golf with my Dad
100. Be a person my family can be proud of 


  1. Well I know you have already achieved #100!! I know you rode on a motorcycle but I could teach you to ride my Trike! I pray for you everyday so I know you will achieve each and every goal you set for yourself

  2. I'm crying here. I also want to join you on all the trips!! You are so got this! ;)

  3. I think I was there when you did #43. Ok, so it was in your basement and not a salon and it wasn't the perfect color but one that you and your sister hastily tried to get done before your parents got home! Little did you know that I was going to rat you out any way........ This is awesome Cass. You, Jeremy and Laila are constantly in our prayers. Keep us posted and let us know when you wan to do the "four corners"--it's right down the road (a couple of hours). Blessings! -Noah

  4. Cassie this is truly amazing... I like Katie am sitting here in tears... You are an amazing woman!!! You are so strong, keep on fighting!!! Send you hugs, lots of love and prayers!!! And if you ever want to come to Minnesota, I know a group of firefighters you could cook for :) Love you Cassie! -Renee Roberts

  5. Cassie-I am so proud of you! I think that you are an amazing person. You are a strong and beautiful woman. I hope that you achieve each and every one of your goals. I'm glad I could be there when you crossed #81 off your list! It was an amazing night! I hope to cross many more of these off your list with you! Love you girlie! Keep fighting!