My Moments to Breathe

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Step at a Time

She is getting WAY too big...WAY too fast! (Although seeing as this backpack is half her size makes me feel better!) My little girl went off to her first day of school today, and Momma was there to walk her.

My little girl grew up and went off without blinking an eye. She was ready and excited to get to school to see her friends (Jackson, Pieper, and Addie must know how much Laila loves them all, because Jeremy and I hear about them a ton) and learn new things. After a full morning of trying to establish a good routine with her for a school morning...gosh, i hope this gets easier...she was ready to go 20 minutes too early. But at least I had those 20 minutes to get ready!

She got to pick her outfit out. PURPLE GLITTER star shirt, jeans, silver GLITTER shoes, silver GLITTER nails; as well as her PURPLE backpack and PURPLE GLITTER folder! Do you see a theme is all this...haha girls got moms taste! And of course, you know I didn't influence that at all. "Hey Laila...look at this glitter!" YES!

I am pretty sure Laila couldn't walk fast enough. HURRY UP MOOOOM! Luckily, I am still feeling pretty good so I could walk as fast as she wanted me too. Truthfully I wanted to walk as slow as possible because I didn't want to let her go, but...sigh...whatever makes her happy, right?! So off we went.

We found her hook for her bag and she didn't even look back to make sure we were following before she bolted into the room. So Jeremy and I smirked at each other and followed her inside just to be ignored a little more. She found a PURPLE toy and was content with that. "Do we just leave?" I asked Jeremy. He gave me that look of not wanting to tell me what I didn't want to hear and responded with a shrug. Well crud, I had to do it. I had to give up my baby and give her into bigger girl world. So I bent down kissed her and hugged her through teary eyes and told her I would be back to pick her up.


I go with a skip in my step to pick up my girl and hear all about her first day of school. It was cute because without her knowing I got to watch her grab her bag and stick in on her back and just look around innocently waiting to find her Mom and Dad. Loved that moment when she saw me and skipped over with a huge hug. Too bad she still hasn't told me anything about school other than she sang the "hello song", played outside with her gang, and sat in a YELLOW shape (Yes, thats a big deal because we had to prep her for the fact that she may not always get the purple some boy sat in it!) But luckily Mrs. Kolbow told us that she was a very good listener!

So after 3 hours I got my baby back and shes has been held tight for the rest of the day...and glad I don't have to do that for another week! But very excited that I got to be there and see my girl go of too school. And not to mention I got to cross another thing off my list because today I go to #87 Walk Laila to her 1st day of school!


  1. Way to Laila and Mom!! Hopefully, you'll be able to enjoy those three hours of quiet, soon! :)

  2. LOVE this! And 3 years down the road, I'll be a blubbering mess leaving Laura at her first day! You did awesome, Momma!

  3. YAY!! What fun. :) My favorite parts are the purple glittery stuff and Jeremy's LOOK. :) Felt like I was THERE~ THANKS so much for sharing, Cassie!!! xo Love to all 3. Have a great wknd w/ your fam.

  4. Yeah for both of you. Avery goes tomorrow.