My Moments to Breathe

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Piece of the Collection

I fell absolutely in love with this painting. Ok, I fell in love with this entire ROOM of paintings! Yeap, it happened, I went to an art museum and had a tour. And I feel I will need to see many many more art museums because I kinda became a huge fan!

Thanks to April and Mike Marquardt (and Matt and Seth) Jeremy (and Laila) I was able to enjoy a day of art and culture and just revel in all the beauty...and even the things that weren't so beautiful in the eyes of this beholder...of the museum and it's collections. The Milwaukee Art Museum had such stellar and interesting pieces, I just kept saying, "I want that in my house!" But the one above took my breath away and I stayed there for quite awhile just staring. Then Jeremy found me..."So what do you see in it?" he asked. (I always knew I had a things for expression abstract art, but today solidified that a million times over.) Well, what I saw was a range of emotions in what the artist was doing, even if strokes of the brush told a story. I do have to admit to feeling quite cool when he asked and explaining how and what I saw it. Yeap, I'm just so cool and artsy (haha ok so by far not artsy or edgy!!)

Our tour guide was new and of course gave us a few giggles with some words that must have been her catch phrase, "This is a VERY significant piece in our collection!" If I got a penny for every time this girl said that, I would be able own my own collection bigger than Milwaukee's! But seriously she did know must of her stuff and made me see a few pieces that I probably wouldn't have taken a second look at, plus like I said it gave us a good giggle!!

This was one of Jeremy's favorite collections in the collection. It was made all of like push pin needles. It was AMAZING how this artist could do this...crazy. The other picture is just a small portion from another painting that I fell in love with. BEAUTIFUL! (and not surprising the the same room as my fav pic!) I also got to see a Pablo Picasso as well as one of my favorite artists, Georgia O'Keefe (hey did you know she is from Sun Prairie, WI?!) The story behind some of these paintings, or sculptures, or other pieces of art just blew me away. These people, as crazy as they may have been, were very deep and they saw the world like other people didn't. That's why I love art, its all in what they saw and how you see it from there. 

It was so nice because even though I was on my feet all day, there wasn't a moment I needed to sit or cough or catch my breath. That itself is almost as beautiful as the artwork we saw! I was also very excited because my little Laila got to make her own sculpture of a bug. She is so proud of it and its displayed as the very first piece of Laila's collection on our home (its very significant....oh I just couldn't resist that one!)

Thanks again to the nice neighbors I have who spending the day with me laughing, eating, making memories and crossing off #82 Go to an art museum and have a tour


  1. FUN day! I love the cute pic of your little artist creating, too! My fave in that museum is a BIG painting of a little girl picking flowers while the old man walking behind her carries a bundle of wood on his shoulders. Do you remember it? What a visual, emotional feast~ food for imagination! :)

    1. Haha Yes I Jeremy and I both said we liked that one!