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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wish Upon A Star

Yay for it being the perfect time to write See a Meteor Shower down on a list of things to do before I go to heaven. Cause I am sure, as many of you know, a shower happened a few nights ago and I was lucky enough to be able to see it!

 I was hoping to be able to get my buns out late night/early morning to be able to watch the Perseid shower sometime over the weekend, while I was in MI, but I have never imagined the company would be just as wonderful as the shower itself. Thanks to Emily and Angie the night was in motion (and I am pretty sure these two were just as excited as I was!) Angie called to say that they were taking me out Saturday night to get another CHECK off my list, and we were going to do it in country fashion. The back of a big truck (another thank you goes out to Emily's dad who lent her the truck for the night without question), driving until we just stop, hot chocolate in a canteen (I said canteen for you you!), snacks, pillows, blankets and of course warm clothes! So in the truck piled the 5 girls...Tay and Katie joined in on the fun...and we were off towards Manchester for a dark field. 

The adventure out there was by far interesting. We just drove until we found a field we could park in without anybody knowing...scaring each other the whole way out there with "haunted houses" and "ghosts" and how we were all going to die by the end of the night because it was a "recipe for a horror movie." But we all the figured it was safety in numbers, right?!

It was a very cloudy night, but by the grace of God it cleared out about 2:30 am (Yes I fell asleep for a bit...) and we saw meteor after meteor, as well as Jupiter and Venus. WOW! I was speechless, totally speechless. It was amazing and I know that those stars will forever be burned into my memory! How can you not believe there is a God when you see such a thing?

Crossing out #81 See a meteor shower while cozy in the back of a truck with some of my girls!

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