My Moments to Breathe

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Biker Chick

Yeap, thats me, on a bike! Thanks to Chris and Haley, Lost, Dawn, and the Forbidden Wheels #1 got crossed off my list! June 2, 2012 at Chris and Haley's wedding reception (glad you guys had it an an awesomely fun location!) I got to ride a bike and feel the breeze at it snarled my hair...totally worth it. 

This is what set my plan of a bucket list in motion. Heck Yes you can do whatever you want as along as you have cousins and friends to help when I was too nervous to ask so my cousin Dawn grabbed my hand and we were off (also, thanks Tom for lending me your glasses) to find Lost and ask him for a ride. I was so geeked when he said YES. He showed my where to hold on and when to lean and down Michigan Ave we went...and pretty fast. WHAT A RUSH! To be open and speeding and knowing that you are free.  And I am pretty sure my pink pants and glittery bow flats made me look tough like a biker, right?!  So lets put a CHECK next to my first item off the list...1. Ride a motorcycle CHECK!


  1. Again. If you ever need an excuse for number 72. Make a beautiful cake and decorate it.
    My birthday is only 140 something days away!

  2. Now you understand what Matt & I feel like everytime we get on our bikes!! As I said before if you want I will teach you how to ride my trike!